Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorry, It Has Been Awhile and I Missed My Yearly Cancerversary Blog

I let the four year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis go right by and didn't even think about writing my annual "thoughts on it all" blog.  I had my sister's family visiting and the house was filled with giggles and love.  I didn't even take a quick getaway trip by myself to reflect.  The further I get from that time the more the memories fade and the fear that was so pervasive back then lessens.  I do think often of those that helped me back then that are no longer with us and I follow the blogs of some that aren't going to win their fight.  Every day I am appreciative that I am still cancer free but I have to admit I let the little things get to me more often than just last year.  Maybe that is a good thing?  It means that my life is back to normal?  I hope not, one of the great things that came out of my cancer fight is learning first hand how no matter how bad every day life gets, it is still all good as long as my, my family's, and my friend's health is good.  Every day is a blessing if we are all well.  I do still have some chemo side effect issues and some problems with letrozole but I'll detail those in a different blog.  I've had a bunch of blood tests run, visited the Mayo Clinic, and an seeing a cardiologist but all tests are coming back cancer free!  Two friends of mine had their own breast cancer fights this past year.  They are doing well.  Life continues on and we are at another presidential election, I missed the last one while being in chemo treatment and am looking forward to voting this time around.  I hope to add another dog to the family soon and have pictures from a couple of vacations to post on here.  Here's to a year of no "you have cancer" phone calls!