Friday, October 2, 2009

I got good news today

The bone scan came back clean. The only thing that showed up was my root canal from a couple of weeks ago. My oncologist believes that I probably have arthritis in my hip. I read up on it a little and learned that losing weight can help hip arthritis. So, losing weight sounds like a great plan to me. That and finally having a great night's sleep tonight! Thanks everyone for your prayers - they must have worked. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Results Tomorrow

My bone scan last Friday went well. I showed up at 9am and was given a shot. You would think I would know what they gave me but I didn't ask any questions and barely read up on the procedure online. Who knows maybe I am thinking that if I ignore it then the results will come back clean. Anyway, the tech had trouble finding a vein and asked if I had a port. Who knew I would still need that darn thing. She finally got me after a couple of tries and resulting large bruises. I went to our Flagstaff offices and worked there for a few hours. At noon I went back for the scan. I laid there for 18 minutes or so as the scan was taken. They took a look at the results on the monitor and said they had a good reading so I could leave. My oncologist has had the results since Monday but his nurse says I won't hear anything from him until my appointment tomorrow morning. I've been really busy at work so I haven't had a chance to be a nervous wreck about it. I've tentatively scheduled the hour plus drive to the cancer center as my freak out time. I'm sure it will all come back just fine and I will post on here tomorrow night the good news.

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement and prayers!